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Cozy UVU Off Campus Housing

Convenience & Community

Village on the Parkway is a student housing complex located in Orem, Utah, right off the freeway by Utah Valley University. Our location provides easy access to UVX (where there is a bus stop right outside of our property) and TRAX (which is right across the street.) These features provided by our location gives our residents easy access to the whole valley! Our off campus housing by Utah Valley University is a great place for students and young adults to live. Here at The Village, we have a warm, home-like feeling that radiates to our residents. In addition, we have on site Residential Community Leaders that provide fun social activities for the whole complex. Because of our size and structure, Village helps students, especially those moving out for the first time, feel seen and comfortable. Village on the Parkway is a wonderful place to call home!

Resident posing in front of apartment building

Welcome to Village on the Parkway – the most affordable student housing complex in Orem, UT

Floor Plans

Each apartment has the same layout with four bedrooms and two bathrooms. Two of the rooms are private rooms and the other two are shared rooms. With the layout of the apartment, residents share a bathroom with just one to two other people. The apartment comes fully furnished with a smart t.v., two couches, countertop chairs, mattress, bed frames, microwave, refrigerator, dishwasher, and oven. 

Unlike other properties, residents choose to live at our property because of the warm and cozy feel of our apartment; most say it’s a home away from home. In addition, new tenants will feel at ease and at home with their roommates. Due to the nature of the smaller complex, VOP management takes pride in their ability to roommate-match based on gender, age, interests, major, etc. Best of all, we pride ourselves in offering the best total price for both shared and private rooms to our residents.  Our residents save money each month compared to living at other UVU off campus housing.

free shuttle


The amount of love we receive from our residents is astonishing. Because of our size and structure, we are able to create personal relationships with our tenants. This not only helps with our overall atmosphere, but makes our residents feel more at home. Our residents also love the convenience of our location, and the free shuttle we offer. We always aim to be the best university apartments in Orem!

It has been a great experience so far I love how they paired us with roommates of similar interests from similar areas. I am very grateful to be living here and so close to campus, it is so nice.

Mary P.

I would tell them that village on the parkway is an incredible place to live for college students that are going to UVU or byu all the amenities are close and I felt like I had a place there and felt included in everything. Thank you for the opportunity to live here

Bailey C.

I've already lived at The Village for a year and I've absolutely loved living here! Just started a contract for another year. Being right next to UVU, the freeway, a Walmart supercenter, and a UVX bus stop makes the location perfect, not to mention the free shuttle to UVU. I have only had positive experiences with Katie, the manager, and the rest of the Village staff. By far the best student housing experience I've had from the various complexes I've lived in in Orem and Provo.

Ryan C.
Secure Your Spot


Here at Village on the Parkway, we have many amenities available to our residents! In the center of our property, we have a clubhouse. This clubhouse includes the main leasing office as well as a fun space for our tenants! Games like pool, air hockey, table tennis and foosball are found here. Sit back and relax on our couches and watch a movie or tv show by the fireplace. Get competitive and challenge your friends with some board games. Plus, residents can reserve this space and hold a private event of their own! Our property has an outdoor basketball and sand volleyball court. Need equipment? The office has basketballs and volleyballs ready to check out so everyone can play and enjoy! Village on the Parkway does it better than other properties by providing an indoor pool and hot tub. Open year round, residents can enjoy and use this space even in the colder months. Parking in Orem/Provo apartments can be very difficult and cause stress; never worry about finding a parking spot at Village! We have plenty of outdoor parking for our residents and have the highest number of parking spots per resident in our area. Even guests can park safely in our designated guest parking spots located around the property for your convenience. Even though our housing is within walking distance of Utah Valley University, we have our own private shuttle service. This shuttle is free for all current Village on the Parkway residents. Service runs from 6am-5pm on weekdays and follows the UVU calendar schedule. The shuttle drops residents off in the center of campus for easy access. We also do a trip to the nearby Walmart and back on Friday afternoons to help out tenants as much as possible! We have on site RCL’s that provide two events every month. These events allow our tenants to make friends and enjoy fun activities. All these amenities and more are available to Village on the Parkway residents!

Advantageous Location

Village on the Parkway is located right across the freeway from Utah Valley University, giving residents easy access to the freeway. Located right outside our entrance, is a UTA public bus stop that’ll take anyone to their destination and connecting routes. If you need to travel farther distances, the TRAX station is right across the street from us, just a short 5 minute walk! Both modes of transportation are free to anyone who has a Utah student ID. Our location is ideal for residents who are attending UVU, any university or college, or work here because of the easy access to the valley. Our complex is within walking distance from Roxberry, Dominos, Subway, and a Jacksons Food Stores/Chevron gas station. Also close to our complex is a Walmart SuperCenter. If lack of transportation impedes our residents from going to the grocery store, our private shuttle will take residents to Walmart every Friday.